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Futural DC EV Chargers

HPC ultra-fast charging and V2G (Vehicle-to-Grid) are two EV charging modes that represent the future trend in the current stage. Choosing them allows you to proactively plan your car charging station.

320KW – 1200KW
Distributed DC EV Charger


7KW / 11KW / 22KW
V2G DC EV Charger

Intelligent DC EV Chargers

The mainstream form of DC electric vehicle fast charging stations currently ranges from 60KW to 240KW, and can be used with 80% EV models available on the market.

60KW – 160KW
Integrated DC EV Charger

180KW – 240KW
Integrated DC EV Charger

Common AC EV Chargers

AC EV chargers have the advantage of charging electric vehicles at a lower power output, making them suitable for long-term parking areas.

7kw 11kw 22kw AC EV Charger

7KW / 11KW / 22KW
Wall-mounted AC EV Charger

7kw 11kw 22kw AC EV Charger

3.5KW / 7KW / 11KW / 22KW
Portable AC EV Charger

Customized EV Chargers

Tailored EV chargers with complete customization options for appearance, internal components, and accessories.

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