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KIWI aspire to become a leading solution provider worldwide, continuously promoting low-carbon travel to make the world cleaner.


KIWI Group

Established in early 2018, Shenzhen Kiwi Technology Co., Ltd. boasts a core team with over 7 years industry experience. Aspiring to be a leading EV charging solutions contractor, we uphold the highest standards throughout our R&D engineer team, and production processes. We eagerly anticipate partnering with you for mutual success.


Become a leading solution contractor worldwide.


Continuously promote low-carbon travel to make the world cleaner.


A one-stop service provider (Solutions,chargers, accessories, guidance)

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KIWI Development


Enter The Industry

Mr. Liu, CEO of KIWI, has successfully entered the EV charging industry, reaching top sales in just two years.


Company Established

Shenzhen Kiwi Technology Co., Ltd was established in Shenzhen, China, capitalizing on the growth of China’s electric vehicle industry to venture into the business of EV chargers.


Company Developing

KIWI was formed into a group, which has its own three brands and four partner factories. This implies that KIWI is starting to adopt the OEM & ODM model.



We are starting the process of applying for regional certifications, such as CE and UL, for our products. KIWI is officially commencing international trade. At the same time, we are beginning to supply electrical automation testing equipment and visual automation testing measurement devices to the market.


Team Expansion

A R&D engineering team, consisting of over 30 members, has been established. KIWI’s unique style of electric vehicle chargers is beginning to catch on in the market.


Market recognition

Hot-selling in 32 countries and regions. Strategic partnerships established with numerous major brands.


Self-contained System

A self-built factory covering 12,000 square meters and equipped with 4 production lines, with an annual output value reaching ¥400 million.

EVSE Project Experience (Years)

R&D Technical Engineers


EVSE Customization Capability

Factory Floor Space (㎡)

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