320KW ~ 1200KW

DC HPC Ultra Fast EV Charger

Key Features

Free-matching 320KW~1200KW DC HPC ultra fast EV charger

distributed HPC ev charging station
  • The maximum power is extended to 1200KW
  • Charging gun number expansion to 12+
  • 6C ultra fast charging (600A)
  • Excellent EMC performance
  • Adaptive charging power allocation
  • Rugged sheet metal housing
  • Multiple intelligent management modes

Customize Options

You can customize the product’s appearance according to different requirements, including charger sockets, screen sizes, overall shapes, colors, materials, and more. Once the final design is confirmed, we can provide product modeling diagrams to enhance your product’s competitiveness and brand value in actual business scenarios. This will attract more consumer attention and strengthen their awareness and loyalty towards your brand.

It can be customized to control the start and stop of the charging station using various methods such as OCPP, RFID, QR code, credit card, etc. With technological updates, you can also choose to customize it with updated control methods. This can make it easier for users to use, increase customer loyalty, and enhance the competitiveness of the charging station. At the same time, you can also customize an intelligent data backend according to your needs to increase the level of intelligence in charging station operations and provide assistance for data monitoring and statistics.

On a technical level, adopting a 32-bit high-performance embedded industrial-grade processor as the main controller and a 0.5-level multifunctional DC watt-hour meter as the measuring device represents a significant upgrade. These advanced technologies help us better grasp the key parameters involved in the car charging process and effectively improve system operation efficiency and user experience. We provide users with comprehensive, safe, reliable, convenient, and comfortable car charging services throughout the entire charging process.

The product communicates with the monitoring platform through 3G/4G, Ethernet, and WIFI interfaces to provide real-time reporting of various records, ensuring effective monitoring of charging stations. The system software supports remote and local upgrade functions. Additionally, it has a firewall function that effectively manages remote access permissions to prevent unauthorized individuals from performing illegal operations on the charging stations. This enables timely feedback on basic data such as usage status and fault information for the charging stations.

distributed HPC ev charging station
DC HPC Ultra Fast EV Charger Parameter





Charging Unit




Charging Gun

4 / 8

4 / 8

6 / 12

Output Capacity of Each Unit

40KW ~ 80KW

30KW ~ 120 KW

30KW ~ 180 KW

Output Current




Output Voltage

DC 150V ~ 1000V (Constant power range 300V ~ 1000V)

Input Voltage Range

AC 304V ~ 485V

Installation Method


Start-up and Billing Method

RFID / plug and charge / QR Code / Credit card

Power Distribution Mode

Standalone mode, Plug switch, Master-slave mode

Input Voltage

AC 380V ±20%(ABC+N+PE)

Grid Frequency

50Hz ±10Hz

Power-on Input Impulse Current

≤ Maximum input current 120%

Input Break

With AC 30mA leakage plastic case

Output Voltage

DC 200V ~ 1000V

Steady Flow Accuracy

≤ ±0.5%

Ripple Factor

≤ ±0.5%

Temperature Coefficient

≤ ±0.2%


≥ 95%

Power Factor

≥ 0.98 (Above 50% load)

Export Insurance


Working Temperature

-40°C ~ 65°C

Storage Temperature

-40°C~ 80°C

IP Protection Level


Wind Tunnel

Side in and side out

Cooling Method

Wind cooling


Steel base


2183*1163*1057 mm &  1067*692*392 mm