AC Level 2 Charger Solution

AC Level 2 Charger Solution

AC Level 2 Charger Solution

7KW-22KW Portable / Wall-mounted EV Charger Solutions

Starting with user preferences, we prioritize convenience, ease of use, installation, and maintenance.

AC EV Charger Advantages

Widely Adapted

Compatible with 99% of electric vehicles on the market.

Safe And Worry-free

IP65 and 16 intelligent protections ensure safety.

Lower Costs

Meeting charging needs at a lower price

Intelligent Control

4G / WIFI / RFID / BlueTooth remote control and monitoring, and intelligent stop

AC EV Charger Used For

For Specific EVs Use

When used alone or in combination with solar energy, the EV can charge for an extended period during idle periods. Additionally, due to its compact size and IP65 waterproof rating, it is highly suitable for household use.

For Public Use

For AC EV charging stations, it is evidently more cost-effective to provide charging services for EVs parked for long periods of time, as this approach requires less space, fewer costs, and reduces electricity load.

For Emergency Use

Portable electric vehicle chargers can be used for emergency charging during long-distance drives or to charge vehicles in areas without access to basic charging facilities.

For Retail

Due to the low cost and high market share of AC EV chargers, many e-commerce websites and offline distributors are promoting these chargers as their main offerings.

Solar AC Charging Station


Power Input

A fully solar-powered or solar-plus-grid system provides energy for the entire setup, achieving complete energy independence or significant savings in electricity costs.


Power Storage

The inverter and energy storage battery system store the electricity generated by solar power and grid power, and centrally manage the distribution when there is a demand for electrical devices.


EV Charging

Different power levels of wall-mounted AC chargers, such as 7KW and 22KW, can be selected based on the battery capacity of electric vehicles and the daily charging time. These are commonly used in the market.

Choose AC Chargers

KIWIAC Level 2 Charger Solution

Family Use :

  • Wall-mounted chargers (The two on the right).

Public Use :

  • Wall-mounted chargers (The two on the right).

Emergency Use :

  • Portable charger (The one on the left).

For Retail :

  • Wall-mounted and Portable (All fit).

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