DC 20KW~40KW Wall Mounted EV Charger

Charger Introduction

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High Efficiency Charging

The DC wall mounted EV charger can be conveniently installed on a wall or pole, reducing the commercial or private space occupied. At the same time, the battery’s direct current input charging mode will greatly reduce energy conversion losses and improve electricity usage efficiency

The charger has strong advantages in human-computer interaction, providing usage guidance for various groups with voice navigation, while also equipped with an intelligent management system to monitor the battery in real time, ensuring maximum charging speed and safety during charging.

IP54 dustproof and rainproof
Thicker sheet metal is more durable
Applicable to most EVs
Stable operation from -20 ℃ to 60 ℃
Meet with OCPP1.5/1.6J,Wifi,4G

Charger Advantages

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Suitable for both residential and commercial settings, such as office parks, supermarkets, hospitals, tourist attractions, hotels, and residential areas with parking lots. It is applicable to places where vehicles stay for at least half an hour and have charging needs.



Due to compliance with charging standards such as ISO15118/DIN70121, IEC61851, IEC62196, SAE-J1772, this wall-mounted EV charger is capable of charging various types of EVs without any obstacles. It also meets the wide voltage range (200~1000V) and is compatible with mainstream international charging protocols.


Freely Customised

Due to the various internal core components of KIWI’s self-developed DC EV charger, we are able to customize different functions and specifications according to your preferences. Additionally, we can also provide complete product customization services by designing, drawing, and molding based on the appearance images you provide.

Charger Solution

KIWI Group Charging System

Tell us about your current plans or requirements, and we will provide you with the most suitable product recommendations.

Customized Exclusive Solutions

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