320KW ~ 1200KW Ultrafast Group Charging System

Charger Introduction

1 + N

Power cabinet + User terminals

The power cabinet integrates various components like power modules, responsible for the input of electricity and flexible dynamic output as well as high-power output according to the requirements of user terminals. Meanwhile, user terminals are only responsible for the electrical and communication connection between systems and vehicles, as well as meeting various operational needs of users.

The power cabinet adopts a modular design internally, which allows for easy increase or decrease of the total power of the entire system. This makes maintenance and repairs more convenient and reduces the overall failure rate. Additionally, due to the separation between the power cabinet and user terminals, there is ample space inside for better heat dissipation without causing excessive noise disturbance to users. Moreover, with fewer internal components in the user terminal, it can be designed in various shapes to enhance the aesthetic appeal of charging stations.

32-bit self-developed industrial motherboard
0.5S-class multifunctional electric meter
Extensive customization range
Low cost to station building
lightweight liquid-cooled cable
Less floor space

Charger Advantages

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Ultra Fast Charging

Supporting 6C super fast charging, with a single gun output of 600A/1000V, it can achieve ultra-fast charging of one kilometer in 1 second and realize 100% SOC of the vehicle within 10 minutes when paired with liquid-cooled cables and intelligent temperature control. The cooling capacity is increased by 380%, allowing for faster and safer fast charging.


Highly Scalability

The overall power of the group charging system is up to 1200KW, expandable to a maximum of 12 charging guns, supporting a mix of liquid-cooled and natural cooling terminals.


Intelligent Networking

The system can achieve network connection through 4G, RS485, CAN and Ethernet, and it can be used in conjunction with OCPP 1.5/1.6/2.0 platform to monitor various data of the system in real time, and support OTA upgrade.


Guaranteeing Ability

Since we have independently developed the core components of the charging system, such as control boards and power modules, we are able to debug and ensure the normal operation of the charging station according to your needs in the project. This includes inputting BMS information for different vehicles and localizing debugging for OCPP platforms.

Ultrafast Charging

KIWI Group Charging System

Ultrafast Charging

The maximum 6C Charging Ratio of the group charging system allows for a charging time from 0% to 80% SOC in just 8 minutes. In addition, when combined with the use of a liquid-cooled terminal, it ensures both fast and safe charging, while also reducing noise and the perceived weight of the charging gun.

Maximum Current Output

Maximum Charger Power

Maximum Voltage Output


Minimum charging efficiency

Power Flexible Distribution

Equal distribution

When multiple charging guns face the same charging demand, the total power of the charging system will be evenly distributed, with the specific distribution value depending on the power that can be accepted by the charging vehicle.


Distribution on demand

When charging guns in use face different charging requirements, the charging system meets the output needs of each charging gun according to the power that can be accepted by the charging vehicle and the maximum power of the system.

Charger Solution

KIWI Group Charging System

Due to the high overall power and advanced technology of the group charging system, I suggest utilizing this system for fleet charging, public charging, and commercial charging in order to fully utilize its capabilities.

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