DC 180KW ~ 360KW Integrated Ultra Fast EV Charger

Charger Introduction

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Highly integrated system

The ultra fast EV charger integrates functions such as charging module, charging control, metering and billing, and communication. It can flexibly control the charging according to the vehicle’s charging needs and meet the fast DC requirements in various scenarios. The product is based on a high-protection module, with core components adopting fully encapsulated and maintenance-free design, which has stronger environmental adaptability and a wider range of output voltage. It is easy to install and convenient to debug.

 Ultra Fast EV Charger

This charger supports wide voltage output and a wide constant power range, with flexible configuration to meet the BMS requirements of different vehicles. It adapts to various charging environments and supports high-altitude application scenarios. It is compatible with all mainstream charging protocols in the market, enabling simultaneous high-power dual-gun charging and providing both single-gun and dual-gun charging modes.

Flexible power allocation
OCPP 1.5 / 1.6 or OCPP 2.0
Maximum 22-inch operating screen
Plug and charge / RFID / QR code / Credit card

Charger Advantages

how to instal ev chargers


Ultra Fast Charging

The charger can be expanded up to a maximum of 360KW 600A DC output, with an output voltage range of 200V~1000V and SIC silicon carbide charging module, enabling a charging efficiency of ≥97% while saving costs and providing users with ultra fast charging services.


Multiple Use Scenarios

The charger, with an IP65 dustproof and waterproof rating, combined with a fully sealed power module, sturdy sheet metal construction, and a working temperature range of -40℃ to 65℃, can operate stably for extended periods in various harsh environments.


Freely Customised

The charger adopts a modular design concept, making upgrades, repairs, and inspections more convenient, improving production efficiency and ensuring higher reliability in quality. At the same time, all components are sourced from top brands to ensure stable and reliable quality.


Safe And Worry-free

Adopt 9 layers of protection measures, including input and output over-voltage, under-voltage, output over-current, and output short circuit protections. Insulation grounding protection, battery reverse connection protection, battery over-temperature protection, emergency shutdown are implemented to ensure life safety and vehicle safety.

Charger Solution

KIWI Group Charging System

Due to the powerful performance of this charger, I recommend using it in the following scenarios for better cost-effectiveness: public EV charging stations, bus/taxi/truck charging stations, and special vehicle charging stations.

Customized Exclusive Solutions

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