DC 60KW ~ 160KW Integrated Fast EV Charger

Charger Introduction

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Choice Of Cost Performance

The fast EV charger meets the EU CE certification standards as well as the environmental requirements of RoHS and Reach. It integrates charging modules, charging control, metering billing, and communication functions inside the charger, providing safe, reliable, stable, and efficient charging services for electric vehicles. It also has the advantages of intelligent noise reduction and high cost-effectiveness.

 Ultra Fast EV Charger

The charger supports a wide voltage output range of 150V to 1000V and a wide constant power range of 300V to 1000V. As this product’s power range has been on the market for a long time, its technology is mature. However, we provide flexible options for you to meet the complex charging needs of different vehicles while being compatible with all mainstream charging protocols in the market.

OCPP 1.5 / 1.6 to OCPP 2.0
Maximum 22-inch operating screen
Plug and charge / RFID / QR code / Credit card

Charger Advantages

how to instal ev chargers


More cost-effective

The energy-saving ECO mode allows the EV charger to enter a sleep mode with power consumption less than 9W when not in use. When combined with SIC silicon carbide charging modules, the charging efficiency is equal to or greater than 97%, significantly improving power utilization efficiency and reducing operational station costs.


Optimized Noise Reduction

By utilizing intelligent and precise systematic algorithms, along with optimized heat dissipation ducts and soundproofing components, the noise generated during charger cooling is controlled. During nighttime, it automatically adjusts to a low-noise mode, greatly enhancing the sensory experience of user and Surrounding masses


Freely Customised

The charger adopts a modular design concept, making upgrades, repairs, and inspections more convenient, improving production efficiency and ensuring higher reliability in quality. At the same time, all components are sourced from top brands to ensure stable and reliable quality.


Safe And Worry-free

Adopt 9 layers of protection measures, including input and output over-voltage, under-voltage, output over-current, and output short circuit protections. Insulation grounding protection, battery reverse connection protection, battery over-temperature protection, emergency shutdown are implemented to ensure life safety and vehicle safety.

Charger Solution

KIWI Group Charging System

Due to its fast charging capability and relatively low price, I suggest using this charger in the following scenarios: public EV charging stations, commercial charging stations, residential/office park charging stations.

Customized Exclusive Solutions

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