EV Charging Station Project Solution

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Solution Examples

Solar EV Charging

By constructing a microgrid system, various specifications of EV chargers can be installed to enhance the corporate image, increase energy independence, reduce electricity costs, and also provide opportunities to obtain government subsidies.

Public EV Charging

Designed for charging social vehicles, it has high compatibility, fast charging speed, and cost-effectiveness, making it the mainstream solution in today’s market that can meet the charging needs of various regions worldwide.

Fleet EV Charging

Designed for commercial EVs such as taxis, buses, and trucks, with fast charging at its core, the aim is to minimize downtime for these vehicles while also being easy to manage and highly scalable. This is also the future trend of public EV charging.

Commercial EV Charging

Arrange EV chargers and related facilities around commercial establishments (such as hotels, gas stations, shopping malls, sports arenas, etc.) to increase the customer flow, visitor dwell time, revenue-generating capacity of these commercial facilities.

AC Slow EV Charging

For scenarios such as residential areas, office areas, and large parking lots, There are many EVs that require long-term stays while also needing charging. In this case, AC EV chargers with lower costs, simpler installation and maintenance, and less power load will be a better choice.

Retail / Personal Use

For EV owners, both home charging and outings charging are essential considerations. AC EV chargers can meet personal charging needs while also having a great retail market potential. We welcome individual product buyers as well as distributors to inquire.

Solution cases


Bus Charging Station


Airport Charging Station


Office Area Charging Station

Advantages Of Service

Solution On Demand

The solution will only recommend necessary products based on the usage scenario and your needs, ensuring the feasibility of the solution while providing you with a cost-effective option.

Product After Upgraded

According to your needs, we can adjust performance parameters and the combination of different functional components, ensuring that EV chargers are the most suitable.

Easy Operating

We can adapt the communication protocol of the vehicles and configure a localized OCPP operating platform, greatly reducing the operation costs while improving the experience for owners and users.

Technical Support

From the performance of the products, to the construction and operation of stations, our engineering team has ample experience to provide you with online technical guidance and on-site services.

Customized Project Solution