December 2023 EV charging industry news summary

Dec 30, 2023 | Monthly News Summary


December 2023 EV charging industry news summary

Guide you through the monthly updates of the electric vehicle charging industry.

December 2023 EV charging industry news summary

Business News

Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai

Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai delivered 72,100 electric vehicles in October, bringing the total deliveries for 2023 to approximately 771,000 vehicles, surpassing the full-year total for 2022. As of November 1st, 2023, Tesla has completed over 1,800 supercharging stations and installed more than 11,000 superchargers. Additionally, they have established over 700 destination charging stations with over 2,000 chargers available. This extensive network covers a wide range of locations.

Tesla congestion fee

To reduce the charging time for vehicle owners, Tesla recently introduced a ‘congestion fee’ at some of its Supercharger stations in the United States. Once the vehicles reach 90% charge, an additional fee of $1 per minute is required to continue charging.

Volkswagen’s 4th EV battery factory

Obomu, chairman of Volkswagen Group, stated that due to the lower-than-expected demand for electric cars in the European market, the company will not be fourth at this time.

Benz YASA axial flux electric motor

Mercedes-Benz has officially unveiled its YASA axial flux electric motor technology and announced that this technology will be the first to be mass-produced and integrated into models on the Mercedes-AMG.EA pure electric platform. On the same day, the Mercedes Vision One-Eleven concept car made its debut in China.

BMW Shenyang production base

BMW has officially announced the topping-out ceremony of its sixth-generation power battery project at the BMW Shenyang production base, marking the completion of the main structure. This milestone will expedite the localization process for BMW’s next-generation vehicle models.

Meko & Polestar

Swedish automotive parts dealer Meko has announced a partnership agreement with Polestar, offering authorized repair services for Polestar car owners in Sweden and planning to expand the collaboration to other Nordic markets in the future.

Regional News

4.5 billion pound subsidy of UK

The UK Chancellor of the Exchequer, Jeremy Hunt, has announced that he will allocate £4.5 billion (equivalent to $5.6 billion) in funding to eight manufacturing sectors, including the automotive and green industries, with the aim of supporting crucial industries for economic growth in the UK.

The market share of EVs in the EU

The European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association predicts that the market share of pure electric vehicles in the European Union will increase by 43% next year, driven by a surge in new models.

EV number in Germany by 2030

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, along with government officials, executives from automotive and energy companies, as well as union representatives, held discussions on the topic of electric vehicles – specifically how to increase Germany’s electric vehicle ownership to 15 million by 2030.

Current Status of EVs in New Zealand

New Zealand’s Minister of Transport, David Parker, has revealed that the country has experienced a significant surge in electric vehicle registrations, with EVs now accounting for more than half of all newly registered imported vehicles. The latest statistics indicate that the number of electric vehicles registered in New Zealand has surpassed 150,000 units, marking an astonishing 179% year-on-year growth.

The first wireless charging public road in the US

The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) and Electreon company have collaborated to build the first wireless charging public road in the United States near Corktown, Detroit.




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