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Jan 19, 2024 | EVSE Experiences


Buy EV charging stations

from reputable suppliers can help reduce various issues, such as installation, construction, and troubleshooting equipment failures. It is advisable not to buy from vendors who do not offer after-sales services.

buy ev charging stations

Where to Buy EV Charging Stations

a. Professional operator

Many companies specialize in the sales, installation, and operation services of electric vehicle charging stations. You can contact these professional suppliers to select a suitable model of charging station based on your needs and receive expert support and service.

b. EVSE manufacturer

Contact the manufacturers of electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) directly to inquire about their product lines and make purchases, ensuring that you obtain the latest technology and equipment.

c. Power equipment distributor

Some power equipment distributors also offer sales services for electric vehicle charging stations, providing a variety of charging equipment suitable for different types and scales of locations.

d. Online/offline retailers

Online retailers and e-commerce platforms may also offer a variety of brands and models of electric vehicle charging stations. By shopping online, you can easily compare prices and features of different models. Additionally, some large malls have dedicated retailers for selling these products.

e. Energy company

Some energy companies or power suppliers have partnerships with EVSE manufacturers, enabling them to offer complementary services such as sales and installation of electric vehicle charging stations. This approach may involve signing contracts with energy companies and potentially incorporating special arrangements for energy supply.

f. Government incentive program

In certain regions, governments provide incentives or plans for purchasing electric vehicle charging stations. You can explore local government programs to determine if there are any relevant policy supports available. Buying chargers from the government often provides more favorable prices and a relatively assured quality.

g. exhibitions and events

With the economic recovery and industry development, an increasing number of companies worldwide are participating in electric vehicle exhibitions and events. This allows for face-to-face communication with different manufacturers and suppliers, providing insights into the latest products and technologies, and even potentially facilitating contract signings for purchases.

Steps of Procurement

a. Determine the requirements

Including the number of charging ports, charging speed (charging level), connection type (AC or DC), and whether you need a standard charger or a fast charger.

b. Research regulations and standards

to familiarize yourself with local regulations and standards related to electric vehicle charging stations.

c. Choose a reputable supplier

that provides warranty support and complies with industry standards.

d. Select the appropriate type

of charging station considering factors such as charging speed, cost, and compatibility with the electric vehicles you intend to support.

e. Consider network and software

solutions for implementing remote monitoring, user authentication, and payment processing.

f. Evaluate installation requirements

taking into account factors such as power capacity, infrastructure modifications, and compliance with local building regulations.

g. Check compatibility

with electric vehicles in terms of different plug types and charging standards to provide a wide range of services.

h. Consider government incentive policies

to check if any incentives, subsidies, or rebates apply to installing electric vehicle charging stations.

i. Request quotes

from multiple suppliers and compare prices for the electric vehicle charging stations you are interested in.

j. Discuss agreements

Discuss installation and maintenance agreements to ensure that you understand the terms and conditions, including warranty coverage and ongoing support.

k. Install and test

the charging station with professionals, which may involve coordination with electricians, utility companies, and local governments.

Summary of Buy EV Charging Stations

Buy EV charging stations is a complex task that requires careful consideration of many factors. It is important to choose a reliable purchasing channel and consult advanced industry experience in order to develop a comprehensive plan.



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