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Jan 19, 2024 | EVSE Experiences


Compliance with local policy regulations and product manuals is crucial during “install EV chargers” due to their involvement with electricity. Ensuring safe construction and operation is of utmost importance.

how to instal ev chargers

Construction Drawing

The construction drawings are used in conjunction with the product manuals to guide the on-site construction team, ensuring a clear and standardized specification for the final outcome of the project.

  • Horizontal planning: The layout of charging stations at selected locations, including existing buildings, roads, parking spaces, charging station positions, and quantities.

  • Power system diagram: Describing the electrical power system of charging stations, including the location of the main power source, cable routing direction, circuit breakers, distribution boxes, and other details.

  • Wiring diagram: Details of cable connections between charging stations and power sources during installation process, including positive and negative terminals as well as grounding.

  • Mounting base diagram: Dimensions of charging station bases (column brackets or foundations), construction materials used, reinforcing bolts, and other construction details.

  • Installation details: Positions of connectors, material for fastening bolts,screw tightening torque for each screw,hanging height,electrical grounding,and construction instruments used.

  • Safety requirements: Construction drawings typically include safety requirements such as waterproof measures, lightning protection measures,and fire prevention measures.

  • Standard symbols and notes: Using standard symbols and annotations to explain various elements on construction drawings to ensure understanding by construction personnel and proper execution.

Install AC Chargers

1. Employ electricians who hold valid certifications.

2. Prior to commencing construction, remove any flammable or explosive materials from the site.

3. Thoroughly check and ensure that all components of the charger, including accessories, are accounted for without any omissions.

4. Prepare appropriate tools according to the manual guidelines.

5. Follow the instructions in the manual to prepare a dedicated power supply and interface for the charging station’s input circuitry.

6. Install the charger completely in accordance with different installation methods specified in the manual.

7. Connect power source and test if the charger functions properly.

8. Clean up the construction site and remove protective film from product surfaces.

9. Familiarize yourself with usage instructions for chargers before starting operation.

Procedure for installing AC charging piles

Install DC Chargers

1. Hire a team of certified electricians for the job.

2. Evacuate any flammable or explosive materials from the construction site in advance.

3. Verify and ensure that there are no missing components when counting the charger’s main body and accessories.

4. Prepare suitable tools and construction materials according to the manual’s requirements.

5. Construct the charger base as per the manual’s instructions.

6. Embed the charging station input cable in accordance with electrical wiring regulations.

7. Assemble the charger’s main body and accessories together.

8. Securely fix the charging station to its base, connecting internal circuits with input cables.

9. Debug and configure charger networking modes based on product manuals’ guidelines.

10. Inspect installation results according to inspection work orders.

11. Power up and test all functions of chargers thoroughly.

12. Familiarize yourself with charger usage instructions before starting operation.

Summary of Install EV chargers

1. Obtain permission before purchasing and installing;

2. Plan the installation steps in advance;

3. Have a professional construction team carry out the installation;

4. Prepare relevant tools and construction materials in advance;

5. Follow regulations for construction and usage;

6. Pay attention to safety precautions.



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